Covid-19 safety procedures

In person & onsite manuel pain therapy has resumed with implemented safety precautions (masks, sanitizing & social distance)

LaTRicia aka "TR" is an Advance "Therapeutic" Manuel Therapist (MA71543) and ACSM- Clinical Exercise Physiologist who specializes in manual pain therapy for individuals of all ages and most clinical conditions. Various levels of pain and discomfort are commonly caused by recent or recurring injuries and pre-existing conditions. Conditions such as (cancer, vertigo, lupus, fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis and diabetes neuropathy can also contribute to pain.. Other causing of pain are improper body mechanics, athletic injuries, degenerative age-related conditions and more.

LaTRicia specializes in techniques that aim to manage acute and chronic pain that are affiliated with pre-existing conditions, post op recovery and athletic injuries. LaTRicia uses a variety of manual therapies to increase healing and recovery time, increase circulation, decrease inflammation, increase range of motion and stimulating serotonin release which naturally decreases pain. A combination of natural therapeutic methods, such as muscular-skeleton manipulation, soft tissue modalities, hydrotherapies, stretching, exercise routines and nutrition, all of which are vital in creating an internal and external balance for the human body. All elevations and treatment plans are individually customized to meet each person's circumstance and conditions.  LaTRicia emphasizes Care, Safety and Comfort when providing Professional Therapeutic Pain Relief treatments for her clients. LaTRicia's  goal as your pain management therapist is to elevate acute/chronic pain, increase range of motion, restore daily function, decrease stress, decrease sports injuries, increase strength, mobility and create an internal and external balance within the body. Start your pain free journey today and give LaTRicia a call NOW.


Rates start as "low" as $150.00 per session (pending location/distance rates can increase)

To schedule a
treatment session contact LaTRicia at 786-390-7986

"We Pride Ourselves in Professionalism & Care!"


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