Ph.D (Education Leadership, Dec 2023,(STU)
Master Degree in Exercise Science (FIU)
Master Degree in Education Administration & Education Leadership (Nova S.E University)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Sports Medicine(FIU)

ACSM-CEP (Sports Medicine Clinical Exercise Physiologist)
ACE-Certified Fitness Specialist  ACE-Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Health,Wellness & Workshop Educator
License Advance Therapeutic Sports Medicine Manuel Therapist
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Manual Pain Therapist
Certified AHA BLS, CPR & AED

LaTRicia's future project: The operation & ownership of a wellness retreat  and  opening numerous schools with a focus in cultural, innovation and career driven. The wellness retreat and the schools will focus on total body health, spiritual growth, mental, and emotional health, natural living & more. LaTRicia will continue to Educate, Inspire many to live whole healthier lives through Prayer, Health & Love. This is LaTRici'a continuous & ultimate purpose, I welcome investors & partners.


An Educator & Mentor-  With over 20 years of experience, LaTRicia has dedicated her career to teaching and mentoring primary & secondary education k-12, early childhood development, adult education, collegiate education and wellness workshop presentations. LaTRicia has taught (health, wellness & anatomy) to diverse populations, successfully utilizing a variety of learning methods to educate students with various learning styles. TR believes that every child and adult has the ability to be successful with a strong educational foundation and mentorship. 

LaTRicia is your one stop Wellness Educator: "TR" teaches educational and fun health/wellness workshops to motivate individuals to live healthier lifestyles. LaTRicia is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, a Sports Medicine Manuel Therapist & Lifestyle Coach to name a few. With her extensive experience, education and passion Latricia applies her expertise to the following additional areas: Senior Health, Patient Advocacy and Clinical Wellness Consultant.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist LaTRicia has more than a decade of health, fitness, sports & wellness experience working with a variety of individuals and groups. LaTRicia specializes in working with individuals with medical conditions such as hypertension ,diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiac & respiratory abnormalities) post op recovery and more. LaTRicia also provides services for seniors, veterans, the disabled, pre and post op therapy and much more.

Sports Medicine Manuel Therapy: LaTRicia specializes in advance manual pain relief  therapy due to chronic disease, aging, injuries, stress and more. Each session is a complete program that combines, reviewing labs, reviewing diagnostic reports, a pre-evaluation. pre-assessment. A customized treatment plan will include but isn't limited to (stress management tools, exercise, manual modalities/techniques, hydrotherapies, therapeutic stretching and more

SENIORS: LaTRicia loves working with seniors, working with this population for over a decade is extremely near and dear to her heart. LaTRicia specializes in dementia support, manual pain therapy relief, improving muscular strength, flexibility, postural correction, balance, decreasing the risk of injuries from falls, building confidence and more. LaTRicia personally customizes each exercise program for all seniors.  LaTRicia will  also work closely with doctors to certify that every person is receiving the best exercise program to fit their needs.

LaTRicia's Favorite Sports: Basketball ( My first Love), Sparring, Boxing, Swimming, Martial Arts & Adventure Sports.

LaTRicia's DIET:  TR's diet has  80% Plant-based & 20% Pescatarian