"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex; it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein

I've had many trainers and I've NEVER and I mean NEVER felt so complete in my life! You're more than a trainer, you're the complete package. You're AMAZING and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Baraba Walton

Let me tell you something, "YOU'RE AMAZING"! I wish that there were 2 of you so that every time I returned home to England I can take you with me. I really miss everything about your training style when I'm away. I look forward to coming back to Miami to train with you EVERY TIME, it's not the same without you, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Collin, G.S IV

TR you're the most passionate person I know, thank you for being so caring about me and my family, because of you, we are an active bunch and we enjoy exercising. You ROCK!

Rick Lopez

Wow, what a DAMN workout I thought I was going to die..LOL, but I'm ok you're great it's been a tough few weeks but it feels good to get back started. Thanks for kicking my butt, this is just what I needed. I'm so glad I found you. MUAH!

Camile Perez

I'm so glad to get back started with you! I love your approach to fitness, Thank You for everything! Chao!!!

Martha Collins

Hey Trish, I have never had a personal trainer that cared as much as you do. You're so passionate about what you do and it comes through in your work. Thanks for being such a great inspiration! My butt, legs and abs are still killing me 3 days later and I love it, how weird is that, lol, see you when I get back. Love ya!

Catherine Rogers

I started working out with Trish a few months ago and she is amazing. She has gotten me to quit smoking (I only did so socially), but the thought of weezing and being out of breath while Trish kicked my butt was enough to stop wasting money on cancer sticks. Trish is incredibly motivating and every time I say "I can't do this," she encourages me and insists that I can and in the end I've exceeded my own expectations with building strength. We are still working towards hitting my weight goal, only because I slacked and not because she didn't give me good goals and stay on me on a daily basis to stick with it!!! Trish even tolerates me cursing at her while my muscles are BURNING and making sure we laugh and have a good time during our workouts. Thanks Trish!!


I trained with Latricia online. This was my first online trainer and it was a positive experience overall. I saw results. My body and health has improved. I look better, eat better, and sleep better. Latricia really knows nutrition and worked with me to get the results I wanted for my body. I got good results without supplements or protein powders...just fun activities, some hard workouts, and making smart choices with food and drinks.


Ms.LaTR'icia, What can I say, well you're sure a "Tough" cookie. I want you to know that you're greatly appreciated. You care about people, when they don't care about themselves. You push people when they lack the ability to push themselves. If you didn't care you wouldn't ask and if you didn't care, it wouldn't upset you that I had too much beer and junk food. I appreciate your desire to make me better and even though I don't want to tell you when I mess up, I appreciate when you get on my case, because in reality if you didn't get on my case, then that would mean you didn't care. I love your passion and your drive. You've made a GREAT difference in my life beyond physical fitness, you've made me a better man and for that I say "THANK YOU". Keep doing what you're doing because it's what you were born to do!!!! Love Ya!!G.V


I've trained with Tricia for 6 months now and not only do I feel physically stronger, I feel emotionally and psychologically stronger as well. I've overcome fears that I would not have overcome without her encouragement. Physically, my body is stronger, leaner and able to do things I could not do 6 months ago. It has been a wonderful experience and I pray to be able to keep Tricia around for a while. She's got a fantastic sense of humor and adventure and working out always includes a good laugh (good for the heart and mind but when she means business, she means business! THANKS Tricia!


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